Research Dead Ends

Note: Dead ends are areas in our research that eluded the answer we need.

We can go to up to a point and then, WHAM BANG, we cant go further. We have a few that I will layout for you on this page.

     Leander McClellan: In the 1860 Ohio Census, we have Leander McClellan as a four year old living with Jane M. Medley (28). Both were living with Jacob Figley Family.
No father for Leander or husband for Jane M . Medley. His children have said the Leander middle name in Baker. Dead End. The family of Jacob Figley in the 1850
census shows wife Julian and children William (27), Robert (17), Joseph (17), Thomas (9) and Jones age 7. No Medley or McClellan listed.
Some genealogist list Leander father as Hiram McClellan with a wife Mary Jane Medley. This the wrong Leander and Mary Medley.
If anybody can help please email or  Thanks

Charity Yoder married Abraham Hart. No information found on Charity Yoder,  Think her dad was Solomon Yoder