Kisaberth Origin



            The spelling Kisaberth has evolved from the American spelling of Kiseberth. When the Kisseberth family emigrated from Germany to the Seneca County area (city of Tiffin) in July 1842 all family members used the German spelling Kisseberth.


            One of the brothers, the eldest, Georg Friedrich Kisseberth left the Tiffin area and settled in the farmlands of southern Sandusky County/northern Seneca County around the villages of Bettsville and Kansas, Ohio.  This is his family:


                Georg Friedrich Kisseberth II born July 21, 1806 in Nieder-Kinzig, Germany

                wife Anna Maria(Widder) Kisseberth born September 14, 1802

                                daughter Mary

                                son Johannes Kisseberth born July 23, 1829 but died as an infant March 1830

                                son Johannes Kisseberth born October 9, 1830

                                son Wilhelm  Kisseberth born January 11, 1833


                It is with his second son Johannes that the Kiseberth spelling originated. Actually the one s was dropped in transition in the mid 1800's. The change was undoubtedly a result of a clerk recording the spelling on a specific document. Here is his family:


Johannes (John) Kiseberth born October 9, 1830 in Nieder-Kinzig, Germany. married Mary Ann Kreis (1853) later married Hannah Garn.

Children with Mary Ann Kreis:

1. Calistra Jane Kiseberth born 9/30/1854 married H. Wilson Lutz

2.James Albert Kiseberth born 11/4/1856 married Mary Jane Harrison

3.Rowena Kiseberth born 3/1/1859 married Absolum Mowery & Charles Daub.

4.Mary Elen Kiseberth born 12/24/1861 married Jacob Sheller

5.Maria E. Kiseberth   born 10/16/1863 married William W. Spoon

6.Infant  born & died 3/6/1866

7.Clara Etta Kiseberth born October 20, 1868 married Joseph H. Mauk

8.Sarah Adella Kiseberth born 5/24/1875 married Marion Edwin Winters


                The quaint little cemetery called Liberty Center near Kansas, Ohio in Liberty Township shows Kiseberth on all family grave markers.


            The spelling Kiseberth gave way to the current Kisaberth with James Albert Kiseberth's sons namely Arthur W., John Ivan, and Charles R.  The sole sibling to keep Kiseberth was Chester Earl. His daughters Evelyn Doris Swartzmiller and Helen Sullivan are the last to use Kiseberth.


            There are only a handful of Kisaberths left today but some of the families have children to carry on the name for at least a few more generations. These families center around Tiffin, Ohio and Portland, Oregon.



written April, 2001 by Gerald Kisabeth


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