November Information Page

Edward Kisabeth turns 90 yrs. Old

 Our dear cousin, Edward E. Kisabeth of Fostoria, Ohio turned 90 years old on November 8th. Edward received about 70 birthday cards and his birthday party brought in close to 80 family and friends. We were honored at this years’ 2003 reunion with three ninety or near ninety year olds in attendance. Foster Kisabeth was the oldest at 94 followed by Farrell Hanna at 93 and Edward Kisabeth was a whisker away from his 90th.

Edward is the son of the late Orley & Elzina Kisabeth of Fostoria and grandson of Adam Kisabeth, longtime pioneering farmer of Jackson Twp... Edward and Thelma M. (Wooten) Kisabeth were the proud parents of four beautiful daughters, Carolyn, Carol Ann, Patricia and Kathryn.

On a sad note, Thelma Kisabeth passed away on October 9, 2003 at the age of 87. She died at St. Catherine’s Care Center in Fostoria. Thelma was the daughter of Clarence H. & Nellie (Martin) Wooten.

Happy birthday Edward and we will see you at the 2004 Kisabeth Reunion.