Otto Kissenberth


Signed Sanke Card of Otto Kissenberth Sells for $406 on Ebay

Our cousin WW1 German Pilot Otto Kissenberth is still considered to be famous worldwide especially to many World War 1 memorabilia collectors. Recently (January 24, 2007) his autographed Sanke card sold for $406.38 on Ebay.
    The Postkartenvertrieb W. Sanke in Berlin published a series of about 600-700 numbered pictured postcards, showing World War I aviators from about 1910 to ca. 1918/20, when he went out of business,
These cards featured the famous pilots like “Red Baron” Manfred von Richtofen Boelke, Immermann etc…..
    Our relative Otto Kissenberth was featured on Sanke Card # 595 as shown in the picture with this article. Normally a Sanke Kissenberth card ranges in price from about $25 up to $75. But what makes this card so valuable is that he had signed his name at the bottom.
    Both Gordon & Gerald Kisabeth are in possession of two Sanke cards of Otto but they are not signed. Our cousin & Otto’s nephew Erwin Kissenberth has a signed Kissenberth Sanke Card, as well as, a framed oil painting of his famous uncle.
    We are in the process of assembling a small book on Otto Kissenberth complete with some stories, his biography and several pictures of the WW1 ace.


 In our Kisabeth History Book we feature a nice story and some photos of our Otto Kissenberth, Pour le Mérite (Blue Max) winner. 


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